Information for Librarians

What are the benefits?

  • Offer new choice to readers in how they want to read the best books available; on page or on screen; at the library or at home
  • Fit the needs of your community by choosing the shelves to suit your existing audience and the audience that you want to attract
  • Reach out into homes of the community using library websites as a place for extended reading
  • Encourage shared reading experiences such as reading groups
  • Make the most of existing technology to do something new and exciting for your readers
  • Fulfill targets for book borrowing through a new route
  • Plan your budget to invest to the level that you want for the whole year
  • Grow your online library over months and years offering an ongoing new attraction for readers

How do we begin a free trial?

To begin a free trial please collate the following information and email it to

  • Contact details of relevant person including name, address, email and telephone number
  • Confirmation of shelves you would like to trial
  • Library card number pattern or range
  • IP range(s)
  • Number of people served by library authority

We will get straight back in touch with you and set up the trial which usually lasts around 2 weeks and allows you, your colleagues and the general public to trial the service.

How do we subscribe?

If you wish to subscribe then we will follow up with all of the relevant information.